Reports and Tree Surveys in Exeter
Are your trees showing signs of sickness? Do they require cutting and removal? Look out for these signs

Our testimonials page will show that Kingfisher Tree Services Ltd is highly regarded throughout Exeter and the surrounding areas for excellent tree surgery services and attention to detail. Our tree surgeons leave every property immaculate, and we perform our tree removal, tree cutting, and hedge trimming services under strict health and safety conditions. As contractors to the National Trust and the West Somerset Railway, we are regularly asked to conduct tree surveys and reports for these well-known organisations. 

This page looks at the signs to watch out for if you think your trees are diseased. If you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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What to Look Out For

The following are indicators that something may be wrong with the trees at your Exeter home or premises:

  • Abnormalities in the Tree Bark

  • Changes in Surrounding Soil

  • Cracks in the Tree Trunk

  • Dead Branches

  • Discoloured Leaves

  • Excess Fluid

  • Fungus Growth

  • Leaning Tree

  • Pest Infestation

  • Poor Foliage

  • Root Rot

  • Signs of Decay

  • Weak Branches

Our tree surgeons at Kingfisher Tree Services begin each investigation with tree surveys, considering every aspect of the tree and its current state. We can spot problematic signs easily, something the general public may overlook, so we strongly advise calling in the experts if you’re worried about your trees. You may also like to talk to us about our tree cutting, hedge trimming, and tree removal services.

Leaves and Branches

Look for dry and cracked leaves. If you see holes in them, the chances are you have an infestation of wood-boring insects. Another sign that something is wrong is the failure of fresh leaves to appear in the spring, leaving bare branches. Dead leaves that remain on the branches and don’t fall are another sign of something wrong. Remember, healthy trees will always shed their leaves to make way for new ones.

Bark and Trunk

Have you noticed any peeling bark? Our tree surgeons can tell a lot from a tree’s bark and examine it closely when conducting surveys in Exeter. If the bark's internal fibres are exposed, call us at Kingfisher Tree Services so we can assess the tree’s condition. The trunk also provides us with plenty of information. There shouldn’t be any cracks or holes in the trunk; if the bark has previously fallen away, new and healthier bark should be growing. 

Our tree surgeons will always try to save a tree or hedge by removing the areas where decay or disease has occurred, using our trusted tree-cutting and hedge-trimming methods. It may be necessary, however, to carry out our tree removal service instead for health and safety.

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