Felling and Tree Removal
in Bristol, Taunton, Exeter, and the Surrounding Areas

Fully qualified in all aspects of tree surgery, our team at Kingfisher Tree Services Ltd is dedicated to the health and vitality of our beautiful trees in Bristol, Taunton, Exeter, and the surrounding areas we cover. We strive to maintain them where possible, ensuring they don’t threaten public safety or hinder traffic, and checking them regularly to guarantee no diseases have taken hold. Should we discover a tree or several trees showing signs of sickness or becoming unstable, our tree removal methods are fast, efficient, and completely safe.

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Why Use Our Tree Removal Services?

If you require tree surgery services for any of the following situations, contact us at Kingfisher Tree Services. Our tree surgeons will assess the problem and carry out a risk assessment and full report before deciding on the safest method of removal:

  • Severe weather conditions have damaged the tree

  • It’s beginning to grow too close to power lines

  • The tree is too badly diseased or has already died

  • It’s obstructing views and blocking out natural light

  • Your property is at risk of damage due to the tree’s position

  • It’s in the way of property development or other projects

We use two different styles of tree removal, depending on the position of the tree in question. Before we commence, however, we’ll discuss our proposed method with our clients and ensure all safety procedures are in place. Where public access is an issue, we’ll also liaise with the local authorities in advance so pavements or roads in Bristol, Taunton, Exeter, or the surrounding areas can be temporarily closed and diversions put in place.

Directional Felling

By cutting a small hinge into the base of the tree trunk, we can plan the direction in which the tree will naturally fall. This method is done by our professional tree surgeons at Kingfisher Tree Services, who are highly trained in using chainsaws and other necessary equipment. The hinge guarantees a more controlled fall, which will be thoroughly planned out in advance. As a result, no risk is involved to the public or any nearby property.

Sectional Dismantling

As the name suggests, this tree removal method is more time-consuming as we take the tree apart piece by piece. It’s the safest method in situations where directional felling could damage nearby properties, or cause a risk to public safety in Bristol, Taunton, Exeter, or the surrounding areas covered by our fully qualified and experienced team. We use rigging systems, pulleys, and ropes to dismantle the branches, larger limbs, and trunk.

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