Reports and Tree Surveys
in Bristol, Taunton, Exeter and the Surrounding Areas

Qualified tree surgeons perform tree surveys to provide as much information as possible about a tree or several trees in a designated area. They are usually carried out for clients who require the removal of trees to plan property development or for authorities who need to keep updated on the health of trees in public areas. At Kingfisher Tree Services Ltd, we would also carry out these reports for the West Somerset Railway as we are an official contractor.  

For clients in Bristol, Taunton, Exeter, or any surrounding areas we cover in the southwest who require official reports and tree surveys, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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The Benefits of Our Tree Surveys

  • Disease and Damage Detection

  • Informed Decisions

  • Protection of Endangered Species

  • Source of Vital Information

Disease and Damage Detection

Similar to the services carried out by surveyors for property owners, Kingfisher Tree Services’ trained team will closely examine the tree in question to determine whether it has been affected by harsh weather conditions or other means, such as having its branches damaged by passing HGVs. This inspection also allows us to search for signs of sickness or potential disease and determine the best course of action.

Informed Decisions

If we think the tree is too diseased or has been significantly damaged, the best form of removal will be decided upon. On private property, we may be able to cut down the tree using the directional felling method. If the tree is in a public area in Bristol or is too close to other buildings and power lines in Taunton or Exeter, our tree surgeons will opt for sectional dismantling. Kingfisher Tree Services will always choose the safest method.

Protection of Endangered Species

The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 aims to protect trees that have become the natural habitat for plants and wildlife. If a tree on your property has a hollow crevice, it may be home to bats or nesting birds. As both are protected by law, our tree surveys must include such findings along with our recommendations. If you’re unsure whether you have endangered species living in your trees or hedges, please contact our tree surgeons.

Source of Vital Information

By studying the trees in the areas we cover throughout Bristol, Taunton, Exeter, and the surrounding areas we cover, we can learn so much more about the natural environment in these localities. Kingfisher Tree Services’ official reports and surveys will include general information about the tree’s statistics and species, its overall health, and current conditions, along with our recommendations for its continued well-being or the safest removal method. 

For construction companies and property developers, our reports are compiled as per BS5837:2012 – Trees in Relation to Design, Demolition, and Construction – Recommendations.

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